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Christina (AKA Marketing Maven) is a small town girl with big dreams, hustlin' hard in her 30's for the pretty things & to make sure her family never has to struggle.
She took a hobby that she was passionate about & turned it into her dream job. She has been sought after for her branding skills as well as her unique way of growing her online tribe.
Christina has worked with top leaders & their teams in various network marketing organizations teaching the importance of branding yourself within your network marketing brand. This is truly her genius zone.
She has now built her Instagram brands to over 400k collective followers with her largest being @bossbabetribe that has over 100k engaged followers in just over a year. She is passionate about empowering women to follow their dreams & create a life they love. Christina is a visionary & loves dream casting- she is innovative & has now had several ideas go viral.
She is the ultimate "goal digger" & hustles hard for her dreams. She loves the Keto diet & believes firmly in self love & self care. She is now pursuing mindset coaching as her entire life changed with a simple mindset shift. She often tells others that she would not be where she is today without having taken a couple months "off from the world" to focus on shifting her mindset & doing inner work. She loves to learn (& researches everything), read, spend time with family & friends. Her favorite season is Autumn & her favorite Holiday is the 4th of July. Her hero's are Joan of Arc & anyone who has a heart to change the world for the better. She is a human trafficking abolishionist & created "the nice girl gang" as a way to bring women together who have philanthropic hearts. She empowers women to dream bigger & believe for more. She's a firm believer in not looking to her left or right but instead staying in her own lane & her competition is ONLY with herself - always striving to be better than she was yesterday!
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Hi, I'm Matt. I'm not exactly sure how I got pulled into this whole boss babe thing, except Christina can be pretty convincing with her business ventures. :) But I'm totally fine with being a boss babe, or boss man or whatever you want to call me! 

I do web design and landing pages as well as logo's/graphics.

I'm from the Midwest and enjoy playing music, body building and spending time with friends and family.
Lindsy Lavalle (AKA LILA) is from southern California. She is a wife to a Los Angeles City Fire Fighter and MAMA to two beautiful baby girls. She is also a counselor/professor at one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation. Her tenacity to serve people has translated into being part of consulting for activating educational programs, helping women find their confidence through health/wellness, and privately working with high end female entrepreneurs and their mission to spread their message to thousands though email campaigns, blogging, and vlogging.

Her background in counseling (Masters degree in cousneling), teaching (college level and dance), the arts(performing), and running her own blog/businesses has uniquely created her for such a time as this! Her creativity with the arts and professionalism in higher education sets her apart as she has over 10 years of experience in helping create copy for clients to clearly define their mission through their words.

She understands the value in branding, exposure and networking but feels it is just as important to understand HOW to connect with your tribe in using your message to connect with them. She loves helping boss babes set up their email campaigns as a way to create massive exposure!

She is a go-getter, activator, and believer in cultivating a positive and growth mindset! Her happy place is eating any type of chocolate or trying any new type of meal (she is a TOTAL foodie). She loves learning about other cultures and people. She also is a firm believer in self care and wellness. She is an avid mani/pedi goer, excerciser, restaurant taster, and beach lover! She ,by nature is an optimist, and LOVES encouraging other woman to believe BOLDLY in their unique qualities to be used to better this beautiful world!!
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