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I’ve been thinking a lot about sisterhood & support lately & what that looks like. I firmly believe that there is room enough for every woman to win. I believe that if I don’t focus on the “competition” but rather self improvement & creating genuine connections & relationships then the right people will be brought into my path.
What a lot of people don’t know is that when I started @bossbabetribe I had no idea that it would turn into what it has. What I see is an amazing group of women who want to have each others backs & want to support one another. I see women who are craving those sisterhood vibes… those radical connections with likeminded women who are ambitious, smart & all around amazing.
So for the last couple months I’ve been thinking what if? What if there was a movement where we truly support each other… whether they are in a competing business, etc. What would it look like if we took even just 1 day a week where we stood with another likeminded women & showed our support?
That’s where the idea #supportabossbabe came from. I’m asking everyone that is apart of @bossbabetribe to support a boss babe w/ me every Monday.
I believe together we are better! & I’m so excited to see where this will take us as a community. My hope is that it will spread!!
So, lets see where this goes! I’m excited!!