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The IG growth program has been the MOST influential part of growing my business as a model! I have booked my biggest jobs through Instagram. Thanks Marketing Maven, not only have I grown a loyal fan base but I have also been discovered by big agencies. I would not be where I am today without their help! I would recommend it to anyone! 

Danny Kansas

One word: Magic! I'm forever grateful and truly mesmerized by the overwhelming rapid growth and gain in followers from using this marketing program! She is covered in fairy dust and makes dreams become a reality... Anyone is truly lucky to work with this incredibly talented human being. Thank you for existing. Thank you for creating. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world.
Forever grateful!

Kaitland Sweet

I can't say enough about the marketing training package! I now have the tools to grow my business and to get continuous leads that my business needs. She coached me perfectly, was so patient and went at my pace. Through this process I not only have a rocking IG marketing strategy but an amazing friend too! 

Kate Ashley Lamb

Christina was great to work with -- so personable & so knowledgeable about the market place. She's a great resource to have as well as a just straight up high vibin human! Definitely someone you want to bring into your energy space + collaborate with in the future!


I'm in direct sales and needed a little extra help getting leads. My main account has gone from 4500 to 13K in 4 months and 17K at the 8 month mark. My second account has grown 12k followers in a little under a year. They also built me an amazing Landing Page. Thank you!


This is a fabulous investment! My following went from 0 to 800 on my new account in 2.5 weeks. 5 months later I'm at 10K followers! My business has really benefitted from features on their IG page as well! 

Mikah NYC

This is only my first month using these services but my IG has already grown 1000 followers and the engagement on my account has already skyrocketed. Will definitely continue to use! I also added a Landing Page. Great price for having a chic website.

Sarah USA

Since starting with this program, the growth and interaction I have experienced on my IG has been tremendous. My leads increased as did my exposure. I went from under 1k followers to well over 8k in 4 months. I have learned so much. She goes above and beyond to help their clients narrow down target market and strategies. It's been 100% worth the investment and I brag about her to my colleagues all the time!


Boss Babe Bootcamp

Hey babe! Yes, we are talking to YOU- the motivated, ambitious, PURPOSE seeking, aspiring entrepreneur, who is ready to design a business she is crazy in LOVE with!


You KNOW in your DEEPEST core that you were meant to do great things in this life?! You know you were so beautifully and uniquely made with dreams and visions to help others and make a mark on this world.

You are ready to leave a legacy to be remembered by. You are tired of working for some one else's dreams are are READY to learn and up-level and build a business to help you live your most fulfilled life!


We have felt your pain. WE KNOW the struggle. Your passion and commitment to invest in your dreams proves you truly embody our tribe, and we are so beyond happy we found each other!

Maybe you have these dreams of doing great things, yet they live deep in your beautiful SECRET soul....Well babe, it is time to let that secret out! It is time to FALL IN LOVE again! In LOVE with your business and have the confidence to know you WILL succeed!

WE -Founder (Christina Arlene) and CEO (Lindsy Lavalle)- of Boss Babe Tribe have hustled for others visions and done some kick ass things to bring momentum and monetary value to others businesses. Although we are proud of the wealth of knowledge and value we brought we realized our worth and KNEW it was time to CLAIM our journey and success in building our OWN businesses!


Within 24 HOURS Christina launched her business and was booked with clients for the entire month. After 30 days of Lindsy’s launch she signed her first $7,000 client.

We do not condone jumping into starting business with out planning or purpose but we both had years of knowledge and school of “hard knocks” working for others that we were able to find wild success in jumping both feet in!

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We are ambitious, m i l l e n n i a l women.
We are a tribe of women who are making powerful connections, cultivating relationships & growing a sisterhood.
We are women who want to work on our own terms.

What would it FEEL like to no longer have to clock into a job that leaves us feeling drained & uninspired? What would following our passions & dreams really look like? Would that look like spending more time with loved ones? Perhaps, jumping on a plane to Paris just because you can?

We are women from all different walks of life. We strive to design a life that we love! We are all women with a passion & zeal for life. A purpose bigger than ourselves.

We encourage & motivate each other. We are stronger than a team. We are a tribe.

Join us at bit.ly/bossbabegroup on FB or search "boss babe tribe" & look for our <<< logo to make sure you're connecting with us! 

Meet the Boss Babes


Meet Boss Babe Tribe Founder, Christina Arlene


Meet Boss Babe Tribe CEO, Lindsy Lavalle


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